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BIC Bro Campaign Launches in Asia

advertising with a young man showing a razor

Building on last year’s “Extremely Smooth Shave” campaign, Shavers Asia has launched a new campaign for 2017, focused on strengthening BIC Shavers relatability to our core target consumers – young males on the journey of their first shave and consequently, their first shaver.  

And what better way to do that than to focus on strengthening our image as the cool older brother dishing out advise about life (dating, how to impress the ladies, how to look good and of course, how to go about shaving --- with BIC 3, of course!)   The campaign, aptly called “Because We’re You’re BIC BRO!” pairs witty one-liners alongside highlighting our key selling point --- our blades (3 Blades are better than 2, as we always say!) 

South East Asia has initially kicked off in Thailand with in-store roadshows, sampling activations and a POSM visual refresh, highlighting the new key visual.    The rest of the countries are set to follow, focusing on recruiting more consumers into the BIC3 franchise.   Be on the lookout for your BIC Bro if ever you travel across South East Asia!